2018 Snowman


For 25 years the Snowman has enchanted children from two to ninety years old with its tale of the boy who goes flying with a sympathetic snowman. Maestro Boiy and pianist Gow have perfected the routine of a two part show with the first half being an introduction to the thrill of a live classical orchestra, and the second half being the Snowman story, narrated by an expert teller of tales, the softly spoken Scotsman Ian Forrester.
Two generations of boy sopranos have had the thrill of public solo performance. This year will bring an extra element.
Making music doesn't need to involve following a strict routine, with endless repetitions till the piece is a torment for the neighbours! Music can also involve improvisation and spontaneity and surprises. So the first half of this year's programme will involve Gershwin for the adults, jazz for the young budding musicians and excitement with live music for everyone.
And then we will all listen to the story of the flying snowman and his friend.

Tickets €15/12 ( child under 12)
ALL PROCEEDS to Foetal Medicine Foundation Belgium at Brugmann Children's Hospital. Come and support.

Tickets are selling well and so to get the best places send your reservation asap and we will reply with the bank details.

Tickets Adults 15 € and Children (under 12) 12 €. Please email: bxlsnowman@gmail.com

INFO: marygow@gmail.com

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