Next Concert - 4 December 2016

Congratulations to Juliette McCoy winner of the 2015 competition

Juliette McCoy

About the concert

Thank you so much. My son, who reminded me about it, was overjoyed to be there. He's quite seriously autistic and has always derived great enjoyment from The Snowman in cartoon and book form, so as you might imagine, your annual live performance just enthrals him.

We were especially lucky yesterday to be given tickets for row B, the closest we have ever sat to the stage and therefore the closest he has ever been to a performing orchestra. Now I don't have to tell you about the amazing volume and sheer energy of being in close proximity to all the players, but for him it was a truly sensory thrill, so powerful that it panicked him at first but, by the time we were into the familiar music of the Snowman, had him rapt and delighted.

Thanks again to you and your ensemble for once again bringing to us all the highlight of the Christmas season! This was our fifth visit and it's really appreciated out there, I can tell you!

Thank you very much for such a wonderful concert.

I don't think that I ever saw anything like it: the approach, the interactive element, the educational side, humanitarian cause, beautiful music and great musicians, atmosphere, venue… My children were very interested and happy. It is very nice. Congratulations!

We loved it!!!!

The concert, the video, the atmosphere... Certainly my kids preferred the second part but I found that the first part was also great. The charity was also very important for me so that kids learn that you can do great things for other people (tiny babies in this case). I would like to make the concert a Christmas tradition for my family and I will bring some friends next time.

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